Creativity + Strategy = Brand

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

— Marty Neumeier

Good brands delight them so they would say good things.

Delight with your brand.

CheeseFlow is a Shenzhen-based creative studio that works with Chinese companies to increase their global market advantage.

Our diverse, globalised team gives us an advantage to help clients build and grow their brands for the international market.

Our Services

The services we offer fall into three broad categories.




Brand Look

What people see.

Brand Look

Brand Identity

Brand naming

Logo design

Brand guidelines

VI design

UI/UX design

IP design

Visual Assets


Video production

3D animation

Graphic design

Web design

Packaging design

name, logo & visual identity

Boton is the first and largest Chinese listed company in the flavor and fragrance industry. We created the brand for a new vape brand the group was incubating. This included the brand naming, logo design, brand visuals, and brand guidelines.

Work that we do:

  • Conduct a market research of the brand’s industry
  • Work with you to understand more about your brand
  • Define the brand purpose, mission, vision, and values
  • Establish the brand positioning, audience, and competitors
  • Create the brand’s core message and storytelling
  • Design three naming and logo design directions
  • We sit down with you to analyze the directions
  • Based on the selected direction, we create three designs
  • You select the final name and logo
  • We make minor adjustments and create the VI design
  • With the brand visuals, we establish the brand guidelines

Video & photo production

Yadea is the biggest electric bike producer in China and the second largest bike producer in the world. We produced a product video for the launch of their first electric kick scooter.

Work that we do:

  • Creative video concept and storyboard
  • Full production team including production team, photography team, lighting team, and props team
  • Production teams in Milan and Shenzhen
  • We can build props for specific requirements
  • High resolution video shooting in 6K or 8K
  • 3D animation to showcase details of your products
  • International actors and models
  • Professional voice over actors

Brand Personality

What people feel.

Brand Personality


Brand story

Brand persona

Social media management


Campaign strategy


Service strategy

Community management

Customer care

After-sales service

Media engagement

Miniature video & photo production

Muzen Audio is a fashionable retro-looking portable speaker brand. We worked on many brand photography projects that leverage our expertise in miniature set creation. Just like how Muzen dabbles in different themes for their product designs, we also recreate the corresponding fantastical scenes through our diorama sets.

Work that we do:

  • Creative photography concepts
  • Hand craft miniature sets from scratch
  • Create miniature props with attention to fine details
  • Photography using diorama sets to produce photos that look more realistic than 3D renders
  • Ensure a visual style that adheres to both the brand and campaign looks

Brand photography

Mead Johnson is the leading infant formula brand in the world. We created high resolution brand photography of their baby formula product line for use in billboards the Chinese market.

Work that we do:

  • Creative photography concepts based on brand guidelines
  • Finalise the art direction of the photoshoot
  • Shortlist and select models that suit the brand image
  • Create the styling for makeup and costume
  • Plan the props required to create the set
  • Photography & post-processing to deliver high quality images

Brand Influence

What people say.

Brand Influence

Online marketing


Social media marketing

Email marketing

Ads management


Public relations

KOL articles

Authoritative articles

Brand ambassadors

Influencer marketing

Press releases

Influencer marketing & PR

Yeelight is the world’s leading smart lighting brand from the Xiaomi ecosystem. We support Yeelight in campaigns to showcase their product launch by partnering with influencers in the smart home niche.

Work that we do:

  • Reach out to our pool of key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • Check their audience demographic to match the outcome
  • Review the interest and negotiate the collaboration rates
  • Confirm the partnership and ship the products
  • Prepare and communicate the content creation guidelines
  • Check the content draft and approve to go live
  • Collect the exposure and engagement data


Kranio is a limited-edition handcrafted speaker created by designer Alan Wong. We ran a Kickstarter campaign to help Alan bring his passion project to life with a limited budget. The product was showcased on Unbox Therapy and the video reached a million views within 24 hours. Crowdfunding campaigns generally cover all our service offerings.

Work that we do:

  • Market research to understand the target audience
  • Provide brand and pricing positioning advice
  • Create the brand strategy and identity
  • Brand visual design including all graphics and website
  • Photo and video production in Milan or in Shenzhen
  • Copywriting across all communication channels
  • Influencer marketing with our pool of KOLs
  • Referral marketing through collaboration with influencers
  • Public relations to generate campaign awareness with news reports and articles
  • Community management on the brand’s social media accounts and the campaign page

Cheese to Delight You.

Our team consists of creatives from all over the world, including New York, Milan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and our headquarters in Shenzhen. We are bilingual expats living in China for years. We are familiar with both the international market and the Chinese corporate culture.

Let’s work together to empower your brand.